Santa Pug!

Here comes Santa Pug, here comes Santa Pug.  Right down Santa Pug Lane!  Christma 2010 Tootsie Roll received a fleece leopard print winter jacket with bright yellow fleece lining from her grandma!  Gorgeous!  Just gorgeous!  This fleece leopard print winter jacket with brigh yellow fleece lining then begged the question, "Why don't we start a made-by-hand, all-original dog clothing business?"  Sew we did!  Now, it was not that simple.  Our original idea was a small, word-of-mouth sort of "unofficial" business.  Then, we starting brainstorming among friends and family. 
     -How about going online?
     -Let's form an LLC.
     -How much will we invest?
     -What will we call it?
Oops!  Tootsie Roll and Lucille's Ball are calling for a Sunday afternoon walk and Hell Betty Boop is meowing at the door!  I guess we will continue the tale of TootsUncommon another day!  Hasta entonces!

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