Hot Tamale!

Hot yesterday, chili today!  Hold on, wait a minute, let me put some Tootsie Roll in it!!  And man, did we have a Lucille's Ball today.  With the Indiana heat wave finally gone we've been thrown' and chasin' balls and bark parkin'.  Even Hell Betty Boop - I pitty the kitty, joined us for some outdoor fun!  And of course, Tootsie Roll did it all in style as she is always representin' TootsUncommon!  Sew, just what is TootsUncommon you ask??  Well, it is with out a doubt the most up and coming stylish line of dog clothing ever!  Notice "up and coming".  As the formation of this little business is just in its infancy.  And, along with tellin' you all the tales of Tootsie Roll the Pug, Lucille the Yellow Lab and Hell Betty Boop the Kitty; this pug blog with recount the tale of the small family business called, "TootsUncommon"!

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