A Day in the Life of...

Tootsie Roll! 
Well, I am all about starting my day with a good workout!  Not!!  Let's try sleepin' in until 10ish when I can.  A little pug kibble with some Greek style yogurt is my breakfast of choice, followed by a long walk up to my little village.  I usually do a fast clip up to the village cause I know a visit to the local dog treat bakery is in store followed by lunch out on the patio of one of the pug friendly places...french fries, please!!  Now by the time we make it home it is mid-afternoon and time for a little siesta, snoring is allowed!  Maybe one more small late afternoon neighborhood walk and then dinner - whatever you're servin', I'll have some!  I like to end the day with some couch, lap, TV time!  Yeah, and then cuddle up by mama in bed.  Not bad for a day in the life of a pug!  Oh, and of course I do it all in TootsUncommon Style!!  Later, taters!!

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